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As a large well-reputed company, Fengfan involves itself not only in presenting high-quality products, but also in implementing its social responsibility.

Environmental Protection
Our daily production and operations strictly comply with sustainable development strategy. Consistent environmental goals for air, water and waste were set and achieved.

Labor Care
All employees will take training when enrolled in this company. The training addresses not only operation know-how, but also environmental compliance, emergency response, labor safety and social skills that enhance communication, teamwork and initiative.

Workers in shop all wear Acid-resistant clothing, safety shoes, caps, gloves, and masks during their operation of machines and other production processes. Our affiliate hospital arranges physical examination at regular period.

Supply Chain
We select our supplier not only according to their product quality, reliability but also their compliance with environment protection and labor care. Regular and random audit will perform on those on our supplier list. Every year the list will be update.

Charity Events

7 Feb. 2008, Fengfan has donated 4000 pcs battery for troops fighting snowstorm in Southern China.
27 May. 2008, Fengfan and all stuff donated more than 3.39 million CNY to 12, Apr. Sichuan earthquake victims.

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